We are now recruiting summer camp volunteers!

Ashinaga’s summer camps (tsudoi) run every year and is designed for high school and college students all-over Japan. We are currently recruiting international volunteers studying in Japan to be a part of our global program, in order to create a more diverse experience for everyone involved. For the past four years, we have made our summer camps more international by inviting interns from abroad to motivate our students in many ways.

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Roundtrip transportation to interview, training, and summer camp venues will be provided. During the summer camp, full accomodation and meals will also be provided.

Eligibility & Desired Qualities


Ashinaga will award certificates of completion to all volunteers following completion of the program.

Available Tsudoi Dates and Locations

High-School Tsudoi 1 (Aug. 9th – 14th): Taisetsu, Iwate ,Aso
High-School Tsudoi 2 (Aug. 16th – 21st): Norikura, Akagi
High-School Tsudoi 3 (Aug. 18th – 23rd): Chuo, Ozu, Awaji
University Tsudoi 1 (Aug. 30th – Sept. 5th): Saiko


You can apply via:  http://tinyurl.com/mnr9gm8

Deadline: 19th June 2017

Promotional flyer is available for download – Click to Download (PDF, 2MB)

We look forward to your application!

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Kenjin-Tatsujin International Advisory Council Member Dr. Margaret Mungherera has passed away