Japanese Football Player Keisuke Honda Visits The Uganda Rainbow House!

Honda gifted around 50 T-shirts to all the children that participated.

Japanese football player and a former member of AC Milan, Keisuke Honda visited the Uganda Rainbow House. After touring around the facility and receiving an introduction to the Ashinaga Rainbow House from Ugandan representatives, he met with the children who attend the Rainbow House. The Ugandan students were unable to contain their excitement during their precious time with Honda.

At eight in the morning on June 24th, while the children gathered around the entrance of the Ashinaga Uganda Rainbow House shouting “Honda! Honda!”, Honda arrived together with his former team mate from AC Milan, Sulley Muntari. The moment he appeared, the students all ran to Honda at once and expressed their overwhelming delight at his arrival. After a tour of the facility, and having the work of the Rainbow House introduced to him, Honda was greeted by the children with a welcome dance. Honda was amazed by the dance and said “amazing” over and over, clapping loudly to show his gratitude.

Next, Honda gifted the kids with some time to play soccer together. As soon as Honda held the soccer ball, a great cheer arose from the children. It was as if time had stopped, not only for the children, but for the staff as well, as everyone was fascinated by Honda’s magnificent footwork.

Snapshot in front of the Ashinaga Uganda Rainbow House

After exchanging with the children, the soft gaze he held transformed into a more serious face as he said in English “We really hope you will have your own dream. And, don’t forget. For the dream, if you want to make it happen, you have to make efforts.”

The visit from the world-renowned Honda was a wonderful opportunity to teach the children an important lesson on having dreams and is likely to become an unforgettable memory.

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