Lecture by the Founder of ASHINAGA, Yoshiomi Tamai

Lecture by Ashinaga at Sciences Po

Mr. Yoshiomi Tamai is the founder of Ashinaga, Japan’s largest non-profit organization. With his educational support for orphaned students spanning over 50 years, he has fulfilled the dreams of higher education for over 100,000 young people. His work is not just confined to Japan; Tamai has expanded his remit of support worldwide over the past 15 years, and continues to help send orphaned students from Sub-Saharan Africa to the world’s top universities through his Ashinaga Africa Initiative. As well as receiving the Global Fundraiser Award for his unparalleled fundraising methods, he was also awarded the Eleanor Roosevelt Val-Kill Medal in 2015 for spending his life asserting the importance of protecting human dignity.



In these times of terror attacks and missiles plunging the world into a state of insecurity, Tamai’s messages of thinking not just of oneself, of maintaining the compassion to reach out to others, and of protecting human dignity are becoming ever more pertinent. Also, his unique fundraising methods, backed by 50 years of results, could become an important point of reference for business.

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to: yamahata.t@ashinaga.org

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Date & Time

Tuesday 26th September  12:30~14:30

Place & Information

Amphitheatre Jacques Chapsal (Building A)

“Institut d’études politiques de Paris”

(Institute of Political Studies in Paris = Sciences Po)


Address: 27, rue Saint Guillaume, 75007 Paris, France

Access Map Campus Sciences Po

Tel.: 01 45 49 50 50   Fax: 01 42 22 31 26

(English-Japanese simultaneous interpretation)

For participants, there will be a small gift from Ashinaga.


Institute of Political Studies in Paris (Sciences Po)



Yoshiomi Tamai was born in Osaka in 1935. Following the loss of his mother in a traffic accident in 1963, he has advocated for orphans. Over the past 50 years, Ashinaga has helped around 100,000 orphans fulfill their dream of attending college, high school. He has received numerous awards for his work, including the Global Award for Fundraising (2012), the Eleanor Roosevelt Val-Kill medal (2015).






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