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Ashinaga’s programs are expanding every day for students from Japan and around the world who have lost one or both parents, or who have a parent who is unable to work due to a disability.

Students in Japan

Ashinaga offers various forms of financial aid for high school and university studies.

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Students in Sub-Saharan Africa

The Ashinaga Africa Initiative

This is a rigorous leadership program for young people determined to make a difference in Sub-Saharan Africa. It includes access to all the financial aid and support needed to study at a university abroad, undertake an internship, and learn how to become a leader.

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Ashinaga Uganda

Ashinaga Uganda has various small scholarships available to students from the Nansana area, as well as university and high-school scholarships to study in Japan for those who demonstrate the potential for leadership. Interested students should contact Ashinaga Uganda directly.

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Ashinaga Senegal

Ashinaga Senegal currently offers a high-school scholarship program for Senegalese students who want to study in Japan, as well as some scholarships to attend higher education institutions in Dakar.

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Students in Other Regions

Although Ashinaga primarily focuses its efforts on Japan and Sub-Saharan Africa, we do have a number of programs that benefit students from other regions. As Ashinaga continues to expand internationally, these programs are sure to increase in number, and information will be available here as it becomes available.

  • Indonesia: Airlangga University
  • Turkey: Kocaeli University
  • Vietnam: Sakura Language School
  • The Philippines: University of the Philippines internship

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