Carlos Kasuga

Founder of the Mexican Division of Yakult


Chairman of the Board of Yakult fermented dairy processing.
Ex-president of the Japanese Mexican Association, A.C.
Ex-president and founding patern of the Liceo Mexicano Japones, A.C.
He is honorary chairman and founder of PanAmerican Nikkei Association (A.P.N.)
Ex-president of the celebrations of the 90th anniversary of the japanese migration to Mexico.
Ex-vicepresident of the celebrations of the centenary of Japanese migration to Mexico.
Ex-president of the FEPALE (Dairy Panamerican Federation).
President of Grupo Alimentaria Foundation.
In 2013 it was ranked at number 15 of the top 100 business leaders from Mexico.
He is the most admired mexican leader after Carlos Slim.