Daisaku Kadokawa

Mayor of Kyoto


1974: Graduated from the evening program of the Faculty of Law, Ritsumeikan University

1996: Division Manager of the General Affairs Division, the Office of the Kyoto City Board of Education
1999: Deputy Education Director, the Office of the Kyoto City Board of Education
2001: Member of and Education Director of the Kyoto City Board of Education
2008: Mayor of Kyoto

Membership in National Councils, etc.
2008: Chairperson of the League of Historical Cities
2011: Chairperson of Japan Cultural Heritage Regional Cooperative Association
2015: Ad-hoc Member of the Central Council for Education, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
2015: Advisor to the Council for the Implementation of Education Rebuilding


Letter of Appointment

From the left, Ashinaga President Yoshiomi Tamai and Mayor of Kyoto Daisaku Kadokawa

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