Hideaki Domichi

Hideaki Domichi

Former Ambassador and Senior Vice President of JICA


Date of Birth: Dec. 14, 1948

Sept. 1971 Passed Higher Diplomatic Service Examination
Mar. 1972 Bachelor of law, Tokyo University
Apr. 1972 Joined Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Jul. 1988 Director, Second Africa Division
Jan. 1990 Director, Eastern Europe Division
Mar. 1992 Counsellor, Embassy of Japan in the United States of America
Jan. 1995 Minister, Embassy of Japan in Egypt
Jul. 1996 Director, General Affairs Division
Apr. 1998 Deputy Director-General, Economic Cooperation Bureau
Sep. 1999 Minister, Embassy of Japan in Indonesia
Oct. 2002 Director-General for Sub-8aharan African Affairs
Aug. 2008 Director-General of Middle Eastern and African Affairs Bureau
Jun. 2004 Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran
Sept. 2007 Ambassador to the Republic of India, concurrently to the Kingdom of Bhutan
Feb. 2011 Ambassador in charge of Economic Diplomacy
Apr. 2012 Senior Vice-President, Japan International Cooperation Agency
Apr. 2016 Advisor to the President, Japan International Cooperation Agency (until Jun. 2016)