Marek Ziółkowski

Professor of Sociology
Former Senator
Deputy Speaker of the Polish Senate and Member of the Polish-Japanese Parliamentary Group
Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the Kingdom of Morocco


1 Birthday
March 6, 1949
Born in Poznan(Western Poland)

2 Educational Background
1971 Sociology Degree at Lodz University
1972 Philosophy Degree at Lodz University
1974 PhD (in Sociology) Acquired
1990 Acquision of a qualification of professor

3 Career
1974- Lecturer-Professor at Adam Mickiewicz University (1981 to 2006 department of Sociology dean)
1984-1993 Director of the Sociology Department in Poznan Solidarity underground academic council
1991- Lecturer and Professor at the Institute of Political Studies -Polish Academy of Science
1997- Warsaw social psychology professor (2001 – 2003 Humanities and Social Sciences dean)
2005-2015- Senator(afilliated with the Civic Platform party)
2005-2011- Deputy Speaker of the Senate
2015 to present- Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the Kingdom of Morocco

4 Reference information
1-Since 1980, he was actively involved in the ‘Solidarity’ movement. After the conversion of the poticial system in Poland in 1990, he engaged in academic and political activities, getting involved with the creation of the Christian Democratic Party. He was elected to the Senate in 2005 and served as senator for 3 consecutive terms.
2-He wrote over 10 books related to sociology, and published numerous papers in Polish, English and French. He also has experience working in the United States, France and Australia as a visiting professor.

Letter of Appointment