Maria Kodama

President of the Borges International Foundation


It is highly remarkable that you have reached your centenary tirelessly working to help others through education, the only means to make Man free. You have cared for the most dramatically needy, the orphans, many of whom were left defenseless by the wars that took and still take place in the region. Having chosen the Sub-Saharan Africa to continue your work is an enterprise worth praising.

I have come to know the comments by the protagonists of this miracle, whose ages do not go beyond 20 and whose origins are Uganda, Benin, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique. Their insights are truly touching. They show hope in self-realization and above all, they are grateful for what you have taught them: solidarity. Evidence of this is the effort of these young people to give back what they have received making it possible to foster the noblest of exchanges.
I wish you another century of achievement. Courage and May success continue!

Letter of Appointment