Masashi Sada


Singer, Actor, Writer


 Masashi Sada (born April 10, 1952) is a Japanese singer, lyricist, composer, novelist, actor, and a film producer. Sada formed the folk duo Grape with Masami Yoshida in 1972, and they made their debut as recording artists a year afterward. The pair rose to fame owing to the hit song “Shourou Nagashi” composed by Sada, which peaked at the number-two position on the Japanese Oricon chart in 1974. They broke up in 1976, following which Sada released his first solo album entitled Kikyorai shortly after Grape’s dissolution. Following the commercial success of the number-one hit single “Amayadori” ( Shelter from the rain) in 1977, he enjoyed a recording career as one of the most popular Japanese male artists during the late 1970s and the first half of the 1980s.

Throughout his career as a musician, Sada released over 35 solo albums and 70 singles, and multiple live albums or compilations. Since the release of Shourou Nagashi, published in 2001, Sada has also worked as a novelist.

Letter of Appointment

From the left, Ashinaga President Tamai and Mr. Sada