Soshitsu Sen

Chado Urasenke Grand Master


Born in Kyoto Prefecture. Graduated from Doshisha University, Kyoto.

Became ordained as a Buddhist monk by Zen master NAKAMURA Sojun, chief abbot and master at the monks’ training hall of the Rinzai sect temple, Daitokuji.

After Zen Master NAKAMURA Sojun’s death, underwent Zen training under Zen master MORINAGA Soko at the temple Myoshinji.

Is Resident Abbot of Kyoshin’an temple.

In 2002, succeeded as the 16th generation grand master (iemoto) of the Urasenke Tradition of Chado.


Past positions (partial list):

President, Kyoto Junior Chamber, Inc.

Chairman, Kinki District Council, Junior Chamber International Japan

Member of the Board, Japanese Society for Psychological Research on Emotions

Member of the Board, The Matsushita Institute of Government and Management

Trustee, The Ritsumeikan Trust

President, Japan Chapter, Young Presidents’ Organization

President, Kyoto Art Center


Current positions (partial list):

Chief Representative Go-Between, Junior Club, Japan Junior Chamber Inc.

Vice President, Kyoto Convention Bureau

Member of the Board, Inamori Foundation

Committee Member, Culture and Education Commission, The Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Professor, Kyoto University of Art and Design

Visiting Professor, Doshisha University