Yasuhiro Yamashita

Board Member & Vice President of Tokai University
President of All Japan Judo Federation
Chair of NPO Solidarity of International Judo Education
Olympic Gold Medalist in Judo


● Born on June 1st of 1957 in Yabe-machi, Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture

● Judo 8th dan (Received on the 30th of April 2003)

● Graduated in March of 1980 at Tokai University, School of Physical Education, Department of Martial Arts

● March of 1983, Completed Post-graduate course of Physical Education (Master’s degree), School of Physical Education at Tokai University

  1. Professor, School of Physical Education at Tokai University (1996. 4 ~)
  2. Member of the board of trustees/councilor of the incorporated educational institution of Tokai University (2010. 6 ~)
  3. Vice Chancellor of Tokai University (2011.10~)
  4. Executive Board Member of All Japan Judo Federation (1996. 4~)
  5. Vice President of All Japan Judo Federation (2013.8~)
  6. Councilor of Kodokan Judo Institute (2011. 9~)
  7. Chairman of the board of trustees, NPO – Solidarity of International JUDO Education (2006.4~)
  8. Executive Board Members of JOC (Japanese Olympic Committee) (2013. 6~)
  9. Reinforcement committee chairman of All Japan Judo Federation (2015.3~)
  10. President of All Japan Judo Federation (2017.6~)



  1. 1984.10.9 Japanese People’s Honor Award
  2. 1982.5 France Sports Academy Grand Prix Winner
  3. 1997.4.8 Mizuno Sports Mentor Gold Award (Best Leader of the Year Award)
  4. 2007.5.16 Purple Ribbon Award
  5. 2008.2.27 Honorary Doctor, Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University, Saint Petersburg
  6. 2011.7.28 Minister of Foreign affairs commendation award
  7. 2014.4.14 Russian federation, Friendship Decoration, received
    other: Kumamoto prefecture honor award. Japan sports awards (twice). Asahi physical Education award (4 times), Ministry of Education Sport Achievement Award (6 times). And received the Kumamoto prefecture modern culture Achievement Award, etc.…



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4.『武士道とともに生きる (Living with Bushido)』written in collaboration with Mr. Hiroshi Okuda, President of Japan Business Federation Kadokawa Corporation

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6.『黒帯にかけた青春 (The black belt Youth)』Tokai University Press


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