Yoko Sakanoue

Business strategist


Yoko Sakanoue is one of Japan’s leading business and communication strategists. Ms. Sakanoue’s projects often rely on her ability to bring together diverse talents drawing from her extensive network of political and business leaders, public sector officials, cultural leaders, social entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizers.

Her clients include international organizations, NPOs, as well as leading private corporations of Japan.

She is also an author of several best-selling books and is a popular lecturer at colleges and universities.


When I heard that the General Meeting of the Kenjin-Tatsujin Council was to be held in Washington DC, it brought to mind the Great March on Washington in 1963. When Martin Luther King made his famous “I have a dream” speech, how many people could have imagined that 50 years later the United States would really have an African-American president? From the perspective of those times it seems like a dream. This General Meeting is another historic starting point, and I can imagine that it will lead to African countries producing many talented people who will shape the futures of their nations. It is a tremendous honor to be able to take part in this historic inaugural General Meeting in Washington.