Privacy Policy

This Web site (hereinafter, “this site”) is operated by Ashinaga (hereinafter, “the association”). The following are the terms and conditions that govern the use of this site.

About copyright, etc.
The documents, photographs, sounds, illustrations, videos, music, software, and other items (hereinafter, “contents”) published on this site are protected by copyrights held by the association and/or third-parties. User of this site may use published contents within the scope of private use defined in the Copyright Act. In this case, should the contents feature a copyright notice of the association or a third party, they must be used in a state which displays the applicable copyright notice.

With the exception of use within the scope of personal use stipulated in the Copyright Act, contents may not be used in adaptation, public transmission, or any other purpose or form without the prior consent of the association. However, even outside the scope of personal use, in the event that individual content displays separate usage agreement conditions stipulated by the copyright holder, that content may be used in accordance with those conditions.

The association does not grant the copyrights, patent rights, trademarks, or any other rights of the association or any third party related to contents, and makes no form of guarantee with regard to contents.

Personal Information Protection Policy

Ashinaga recognizes the importance of your personal information, and has created the following “Personal Information Protection Policy” in order to appropriately manage and apply personal information obtained through association activities.

1. In the event that the user is asked to provide personal information, Ashinaga will specify the purpose of use to the extent that it is possible, and will not ask for personal information in excess of what is actually required.

2. Ashinaga will implement appropriate management of personal information by assigning a manager to be in charge of personal information.

3. With the exception of the following situations, Ashinaga will not provide or disclose personal information to a third party.

(1) In the event that said person’s permission has been received.

(2) In the event that necessary information is being presented to a financial institution for the processing of payments or the settlement of credit card transactions, etc.

(3) In the event that the trader has been entrusted to dispatch notices of related services, etc. However, in order to prevent the distribution of personal information by the entrusted trader, Ashinaga will take responsibility and provide the appropriate supervision.

(4) In the event that disclosure is mandated by public institutions, such as government offices, based on authority stipulated by law.

4. Ashinaga will only use personal information for purposes that are essential to its activities, such as notices of activities related to the organization and each supporting business, and the provision of information and requests for support relating to these activities.

5. In the event that cancellation or renewal is desired in relation to the four points mentioned above, all correspondences will be handled promptly.

6. In the event that a person wishes to inquire about or make corrections to personal information, Ashinaga will respond promptly within a scope determined to be reasonable.

7. Ashinaga strictly adheres to the various laws regarding personal information and shall ensure that staff members are made aware of this policy, as well as the efforts of Ashinaga. Additionally, adjustments and improvements will be made as necessary.

Possibility of changes, etc. to the Web site and information published

This site and its contents may be changed, altered, removed, or shut down without notice. Additionally, the association shall not be responsible for updating information posted on this site, so contents published on this site may not always reflect the most up-to-date information.

About Links

Linking to the association’s site

With the exception of the linking activities noted below, as a rule, there is no restriction on establishing links to this site, on condition that the Web site operator of the link destination is clearly stated to be the association.

Excluded activities
-Link activities that appear to support, endorse, slander, or denigrate the activities of specific individuals, groups, or organizations.

-Linking to Web sites that intend to offend public order and morals.

-Link activities that give a false impression of the association’s operations.

-Link activities that may significantly reduce the image or credibility of the association, or infringe upon the rights of specific individuals or organizations.

-So-called frame link activities (link activities where contents of this site appear to be a section of the link destination’s home page. For example, links where contents are incorporated into a frame, etc.).

The association may refuse links that are deemed inappropriate by the association.

Furthermore, the association assumes no responsibility for the contents of sites operated by non-affiliated third parties which may link to this site.

Links to external third-party sites from this site

There are occasions when this site may link to Web sites operated by third parties external to the association. The association simply provides such links for the purpose of convenience and assumes no responsibility for items such as contents, announcements, products, or services published on destination Web sites. Furthermore, when using a linked third-party Web site operated by a party other than the association, users are notified that they are subject to that site’s terms and conditions of use.