Support the futures of orphaned young people

Money should never be the deciding factor for whether an orphaned student can attend school. Thanks to the support of thousands of individuals, Ashinaga has helped over 100,000 orphaned students attend universities across the world. Your donation helps some of society’s most vulnerable students attain an education.

Make a Donation

Donate via credit card to support children who have been orphaned.

Become an Ashinaga-san

Ashinaga-san is the name given to our regular anonymous donors. In the spirit of the book Daddy Long-Legs by Jean Webster (Japanese title Ashinaga Oji-san), these donors humbly support the emotional wellbeing and education of orphaned children and young people on a monthly or annual basis.

As a way of saying thanks, each of our Ashinaga-san receives a handwritten postcard from an Ashinaga student each year, letting them know how their donation has helped and thanking them for their kindness.

Legacy Donation

We are also accepting donations as part of a donor’s will and testament. Such donations, termed bequeathments, play a significant role in allowing Ashinaga to support young people who have suffered the loss of a parent. Donors are free to specify their bequeathment for a specific cause, such as the Ashinaga Africa Initiative, and we also gladly accept bequeathments in the form of land, property, or financial assets.

In accordance with our belief in ‘paying forward’, most financial aid given out by Ashinaga is eventually paid back so that another orphaned student may proceed to higher education. This means that your donations will be used again and again for decades, supporting the futures of hundreds of young people–a true legacy.

Equipment Donation

If you have books, toys, or equipment that you would like to donate to either a Rainbow House or Kokoro-Juku in Japan, Uganda, or Senegal, please get in contact with that country’s office to enquire.

SoftBank Donation

Residents in Japan who are entering into a renewed or new contract with SoftBank can select Ashinaga as part of the company’s Charity Mobile campaign. SoftBank will donate 6,000 JPY and 3% of your monthly phone bill to Ashinaga on your behalf at no extra cost to you.

For more information, see the SoftBank Charity Mobile page (In Japanese)

Corporate Donation

We welcome donations from companies and employees who wish to make a collective donation to Ashinaga, either as part of a corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaign or simply philanthropy.

Alternative ways for companies and their employees to donate:

Proportional donation

Donating either a fixed amount, or a set percentage of profits/sales revenue to Ashinaga every year.

Employee-employer matched donation

Through this system, for each donation that an employee makes to Ashinaga, an equivalent-value donation will be made by the company or employee union.

Point donation/matching (Japan only)

A company can also donate credit card points raised on company credit cards to Ashinaga, or alternatively make a matched donation for each donation of points made by its customers or employees.

Student sponsorship

This means of donation enables organizations and individuals to directly donate to the tuition of an Ashinaga Africa Initiative scholar. A major expenditure for the Africa Initiative Program is the tuition of each student. Student sponsorship donations are fundamental to the longevity of the Ashinaga Africa Initiative and are an opportunity to leave a lasting impact on the life of a future leader.

In-kind donations

Ashinaga welcomes the support of organizations in the form of expertise in their respective fields. Our activities necessitate physical items for our students as well as the information and coordination to operate across the globe. Whether you are a risk-management firm or a manufacturer of paper towels, we welcome your support in the form of the service or product you provide. For more details on what we need, please contact us directly.

Representatives are free to contact the Ashinaga headquarters in Tokyo to receive further advice (in English, French, or Japanese) about corporate donations.

Find out more about how companies and organizations can support Ashinaga

Street Fundraising

You can of course make your donation any time you see our students and volunteers raising money at our bi-annual fundraising events at major train stations across Japan.

Find out more about student activism and fundraising