Partner with Us

Working together

Ashinaga has a successful history of collaboration with both public and private partners and is excited to work with new organizations in the future. For organizations that share our values and goals, here are a few ways to become a part of lasting change.

Effective philanthropy

Donating to Ashinaga is a safe, practical way for an organization to showcase its commitment to sustainable development and educational access. Ashinaga has a celebrated history of receiving anonymous and public donations from donors of all sizes. This model of private philanthropy has been central to Ashinaga’s ability to help more than 95,000 students access higher education.

With your support, Ashinaga can enable underprivileged, orphaned students to make their dreams come true and break out of intergenerational poverty.

Why partner with Ashinaga?

Sustainable marketing strategies

Organizations can enhance their international profile through coordinated marketing with non-profits. Working with Ashinaga can effectively strengthen customer relations, positioning your organization as global, socially conscious, and committed to community improvement. This kind of mutually beneficial marketing strategy is used by many leading international organizations.

Access to qualified students

Ashinaga works directly with thousands of gifted students from around the world and can connect current students and graduates with companies for internships and employment opportunities.

Employers that recruit Ashinaga students and alumni will have access to a talent pool that spans four continents. Ashinaga students work in fields as diverse as engineering, medicine, policy making, and business management.

Improve employee satisfaction

Providing your employees with the opportunity to work and volunteer together for social causes is an effective and low-cost way to engage staff. It has been proven that satisfied, engaged employees work harder and have generally better health than workers without access to company-led volunteer programs. Organizations offering such programs generally enjoy lower turnover and increased sales compared to companies without these opportunities. Ashinaga puts on many events as well as marketing and fundraising campaigns in which employees can bond and work outside the office together.

Global networking

Ashinaga has developed and is continuing to grow a global network of leaders to support our programs. The Kenjin-Tatsujin Council, borrowing the Japanese words for “wise person” and “notable person,” is an international panel of business leaders, Nobel laureates, performers, athletes, and other distinguished people.

Your impact

Thanks to the international expertise and philanthropic vision of our corporate partners, Ashinaga is well equipped to provide a unique educational opportunity to students who need it most.

Investments in education bring large returns on both an individual and community level. Education is the foundation of economic growth, political stability, and healthy societies. In a century characterized by global networks, education is the key to innovation, the catalyst for new market growth, and the guarantee of shared prosperity where businesses operate worldwide.

The cost of providing access to higher education for an Ashinaga scholar is significant, averaging about $100,000 in total. In addition to tuition, Ashinaga covers the expenses of recruiting students from their respective countries, and provides room and board during a six-month study camp in Uganda, to prepare them for university.

We also pay for all international transport, vaccines, visas, and various other services. In addition, Ashinaga organizes summer camps and extracurricular opportunities for students, provides academic and emotional support, and is developing a career network for graduates.

Past supporters

Ashinaga has received various forms of support from over 4,000 private organizations in Japan as well as other countries. The type of support ranges from volunteering to consulting, legal counsel, or financial aid.


SoftBank and Ashinaga have a strong history of mutual support. By offering customers a variety of means to donate, SoftBank is ensuring sustained funding for our causes.

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley is a longstanding partner of Ashinaga. Since 2011 the company has run workshops for our students, volunteered with our programs, and donated to our causes.


Twitter has offered pro bono advisory support to Ashinaga and has also counseled employees on how best to use social media to raise Ashinaga’s international profile.


Disney recently selected Ashinaga to be a CSR (corporate social responsibility) partner for the Disney Expo event. It has since been supporting Ashinaga through an employee donation matching scheme.

Past partners:

  • Ajinomoto
  • AirFrance
  • Berenberg Bank
  • Boeing
  • Garuda
  • Goldman Sachs
  • MasterCard
  • Mitsubishi
  • Mizuho Bank
  • Nissan
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Qatar Airways
  • SoftBank
  • The Global Fund
  • Toyota
  • Uniqlo