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This bi-monthly newspaper brings together all of Ashinaga’s seasonal news, including stories from the students we support and their guardians. This newspaper is only available in Japanese.

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Kokorozashi International Newsletter

This quarterly newsletter focuses on Ashinaga’s activities abroad, featuring stories from our students as well as updates on the progress of the Ashinaga African Leaders Initiative. It is available in English, French, Portuguese, and Japanese.

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You can find a list of Ashinaga’s latest press releases in English below.

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Ashinaga-undō to Tamai Yoshiomi (The Ashinaga Movement and Yoshiomi Tamai)

Iwanami Publishers, 2003
Written by Yoshiya Soeda, Professor Emeritus of Tsukuba University
¥3,000 (in Japanese)

An account of the 40 years of history behind the Ashinaga Movement, one of the first movements for the relief of orphans. This book tells the story of Yoshiomi Tamai and those surrounding him, revealing the camaraderie they shared and the agonizing hardships they overcame.

Consult your nearest bookstore about purchasing a copy. Available in Japan only.

Jisatsu-te ienakatta (I couldn’t say suicide)

Sunmark Publishers, 2002
Compiled by the Orphans of Suicide Victims Editorial Committee and Ashinaga
Available as a paperback. ¥600 (in Japanese)

“I’m not going to run away from it anymore. I want to live life to the fullest!”
This book is an insight into the innermost thoughts of children who have lost their parents due to suicide. The first collection of its kind in Japan, featuring letters of schoolchildren and mothers sent from all over Japan.

Consult your nearest bookstore about purchasing a copy. Available in Japan only.

Kuroi Niji–Hanshin Dai-Shinsai Ijitachi no Ichinen (The Black Rainbow–Orphans of the Great Hanshin Earthquake One Year Later)

Kosaido Publishers, 1996
Written by Ashinaga
Edited by Yoshiya Soeda, Professor Emeritus of Tsukuba University
¥1,300 (in Japanese)

For the orphans of the Great Hanshin Earthquake, the emotional scars still have not healed. This book compiles the outpourings of orphans who lost their parents in an instant, as well as the valuable testimonies from 204 households who lost a family member amongst the rubble of the disaster.


Sekai no Ijitachi Hyaku-nin no Yume (Dreams from 100 of the World’s Orphans)

Iwanami Publishers, Junior Edition, 2006
Compiled by Ashinaga
¥840 (In Japanese)

One hundred orphaned students in 16 countries, including Japan, came together to share their grief, hardships, and hopes for the future. Each victim had lost their parents due to natural disasters, terrorism, war, or HIV/AIDS. Published in color with insightful illustrations. A recommended read for adults or children.

Consult your nearest bookstore about purchasing a copy. Available in Japan only.

Dakara, Ashinaga-undō wa suteki da (And that is why the Ashinaga Movement is wonderful)

Hihyo-sya Publishers, 2010
Written by Yoshiomi Tamai
¥1,600 (In Japanese)

Losing his mother to a traffic accident and his wife to cancer were the starting points for this social activist. This book is a record of the serial column in Ashinaga’s newspaper, which for over 40 years spoke to all orphaned students about their shared grief.