Teresa Watanabe


Staff Writer

Los Angeles Times




Teresa Watanabe covers higher education for the Los Angeles Times. Since joining The Times in 1989, she also has covered K-12 education, immigration, ethnic communities, religion and Asia/Pacific Rim business and economics. She served as the newspaper’s Tokyo correspondent and bureau chief from 1991-1997, covering Japan and the Korean Peninsula with stories on such topics as the Great Hanshin earthquake, Aum Shinrikyo attacks, U.S.-Japan-Korea trade and diplomacy, Okinawa protests, political upheavals, sumo fever and the wedding of the Crown Prince of Japan.

Previously, Ms. Watanabe covered Asia, national affairs and California state government for the San Jose Mercury News and wrote editorials for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. A Seattle native, she spent a year at Waseda University’s International Division and graduated from the University of Southern California with dual bachelor’s degrees in journalism and in East Asian Languages and Culture.


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