Cancellation of 2020 Tsudoi and Launch of Ashinaga BASE

Ashinaga’s summer camps are known as tsudoi, which means “gathering” in Japanese. These camp programs are an opportunity for healing and emotional care for high school and university participants. Ashinaga’s high school tsudoi, which is held across 8 locations every summer, as well as university students tsudoi, usually held in September, have both been canceled this […]

A Message of Gratitude to Our Supporters

During the uncertain times that the coronavirus has brought us, we want to extend our deepest thank you to our supporters. Last month, we announced that a 150,000 yen stipend would be given to 6,500 Ashinaga families in Japan, after getting feedback from guardians around the country. We also provided stipends for food, medical, and […]

Emergency Relief for Ashinaga Uganda Rainbow House Registered Households

Ashinaga Uganda’s Rainbow House facility has decided to give food supply stipends to each of the families associated with 989 children registered with the Uganda Rainbow House. Thanks to the effort of healthcare workers and government officials in Uganda, only 79 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in over 6,000 tested cases (according to data […]

The Results of Ashinaga’s Emergency COVID-19 Survey

Last week, we announced that Ashinaga’s Japan Headquarters would be providing 150,000 yen (approximately $1400 USD) to each of the 6,500 current scholarship recipients. This decision was based on a survey conducted with guardians of scholarship receiving families. Today, we want to share those translated survey results with you. COVID-19 has struck the world in […]

Ashinaga Issues Emergency Relief Funds of ¥150,000 to All Ashinaga Students

Due to the spread of COVID-19, Ashinaga students have suffered a decrease in income. In order to support Ashinaga Scholarship recipient families who are having trouble with their daily lives, an emergency assistance lump sum of 150,000 yen will be given to each one of the 6,500 scholarship students. Recipients include high school, vocational school, […]

Ashinaga France Holds Tsudoi Camp Under Theme “African Togetherness”

In early February, all 34 Ashinaga African Initiative (AAI) Scholars studying in continental Europe came together at the Ashinaga France’s office in Paris for the 9th International Tsudoi. The theme of this 2-day  tsudoi was “African Togetherness.” The main objective was to bring Scholars together to encourage community, solidarity, and the sharing of resources among […]

BUILD-in-a-Box: Amadou’s Program to Teach Entrepreneurship

While Amadou was in Senegal this summer for a mandatory renewal of his passport, he volunteered to lead an entrepreneurial camp for local students. The camp, held over two days, was based on the Africa Leadership Academy’s BUILD-in-a-Box model. BUILD stands for “Believe, Understand, Invent, Listen and Deliver”.  The camp was held at the Ashinaga Senegal […]

Daphne: My Winter Working in the Internship Translation Team

Daphne is an Ashinaga Winter 2020 Translation Intern. She attends Macalester College and double majors in Linguistics and Japanese. Her majors in college sparked her interest in translation, and she saw an opportunity to try translating at Ashinaga as an intermediary step before beginning her professional translation career. Her plans for the internship were to […]

Street Fundraising Campaign Cancelled for First Time in Over 50 Years

Cancellation in response to COVID-19, compromises scholarship funding The Ashinaga student fundraiser (街頭募金) has been held every spring and autumn since 1967 to support children who have lost one or both parents. Street fundraising events are held twice a year in approximately 200 locations across Japan, with the participation of more than 20,000 volunteers annually. […]

Sakiinah: Providing Psychological Support for Burns Survivors in Mauritius

Sakiinah is a 4th year medical student studying at the University of Manchester. She was born in Mauritius and moved to the UK in 2016 to pursue higher education under the Ashinaga Africa Initiative. When Sakiinah was two years old, her mother passed away of leukemia because of the lack of medical care available in […]