Make their African dreams come true

From February 6th* to March 8th** of 2021, Ashinaga Senegal honors the wildest dreams of the scholars of its programs. They are young, rich in potential and determined to bring positive change.

Their dreams are those of committed African youth; too often forgotten and undervalued. By celebrating these ambitions, others will be able to dream in their turn, allowing us to imagine a new field of possibilities. This will lead to the creation of the Africa of tomorrow that will be in their image; by them and for them.

Ashinaga Senegal’s mission is to give them the means to their utopias, and we are convinced that with your support Henri, Fatoumata, Aminata, Momar and others will be able to dream bigger and further. By supporting their education, you will contribute to creating an ambitious community of change makers!


And you, what do you dream of for Africa? What do you dream of for your country, your city, your neighborhood? Share it with us or post directly on social networks #myAfricandream

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*Birthday of the founder and president of Ashinaga, Yoshiomi Tamai

**International Women’s Day

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