Ashinaga in the UK

Ashinaga Provides Education and Support for Orphaned Students WorldwideThis support enables students to overcome the obstacles faced in their lives, to advance in their education, and to become agents of social change. 

Ashinaga Association in the UK 

Our mission is to contribute to sub-Saharan Africa’s development by providing students who have lost one or both parents with the education, network, and opportunities necessary to become the next generation of leaders for Africa. Ashinaga invests in students who want to study internationally and then return home to make a positive difference in their country and community. 

Ashinaga Association in the UK works closely with the Ashinaga Foundation, Japan, and Ashinaga offices in Uganda, Senegal, the USA, France, and Brazil on the ‘Ashinaga Africa Initiative’ (AAI). The AAI is an academic leadership programme launched in 2014. 

As part of our leadership programme, Ashinaga UK provides each selected AAI Scholar with the academic and financial support to study at undergraduate level at a university in the UK. Additionally, we work with our Scholars to develop their professional and personal skills, providing holistic learning and growth. 

During their studies, all AAI Scholars will complete an internship in sub-Saharan Africa and an Ashinaga Proposal. The Proposal sees the scholar identify an issue in their community, country, or region, and lay out a well-researched, structured proposal on how to address it. In addition to helping scholars develop a network and new skills, these two activities ensure a close bond with Africa is maintained. 

After graduation, scholars return to subSaharan Africa, empowered to turn their vision into reality.  


Ashinaga Scholars 

“Being far from my home country and my family was hard at the beginning. Now I believe that it was necessary to live in another environment and adapt to another culture to fulfil my dreams of contributing to Africa. 

Read Gaelle’s Story  

Ashinaga is transforming me as a student and individual by developing my sense of purpose and responsibility in the community, which will be vital after my studies. 

Read Paddy’s Story 


Our Impact 

AAI Scholars are part of one of the leastrepresented demographics in the UK, both in terms of nationality and their personal backgrounds: 

  • We support the only student from the Central African Republic in UK higher education and two of the 15 students in UK Higher Education from Benin. 
  • Further, we support two of the 20 students from Lesotho, one of the 15 students from Gabon, and one of the 25 students from Burundi. 
  • AAI Scholars have overcome personal and economic hardship and are part of a small demographic of students from underprivileged backgrounds in UK higher education. Scholars are selected based on their leadership potential, resilience, and academic excellence.  

AAI Scholars are developing into future leaders for Africa. This is leadership in areas that they define, covering a diverse range of projects including: 

  • Using affordable technology to increase access to science educational materials in rural Ethiopia. 
  • Establishing a peer-support group for burn victims in Mauritius. 
  • Increasing awareness in government of the challenges children with disabilities face in accessing education in Namibia. 

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