Financial Aid

Ashinaga provides financial aid in the form of interest-free loans to high school and university students across Japan who have lost one or more parents, or who have a parent with a disability that prevents them from working. This financial aid enables students to attend school and avoid the burden of graduating with heavy debt. Students also receive free support for the university application process, including transportation and accommodation for interviews. Ashinaga provides loans to approximately 5,000 students annually, and has given loans to over 100,000 young people since its inception.

Loan amounts

  • High School: 25,000-30,000 JPY per month. We also offer a lump-sum aid package to help cover the cost of university applications.
  • Higher Education: 40,000-50,000 JPY per month for university, college, or vocational school.
  • Graduate School: 80,000 JPY per month.


All of our financial aid is interest-free and can be repaid in small amounts. If an Ashinaga alumnus is unable to make a payment, we are able to adjust the terms of their repayment to fit their current situation.

Current Support

Type of Financial Aid/Institution Amount of Aid Number of Recipients Lending Total
High Schools/Technical Colleges National ¥25,000/month 29,570 ¥23,783,835,000
Private ¥30,000/month
Universities General ¥40,000/month 7,511 ¥12,041,575,000
Specific ¥50,000/month
Vocational Schools All ¥40,000/month 1,598 ¥1,527,640,000
Graduate Schools All ¥80,000/month 125 ¥239,760,000
Lump sum for starting university High School ¥300,000 1,571 ¥471,300,000
University ¥400,000 774 ¥309,600,000
Total 38,795 ¥38,373,710,000

(Figures as of April 2015)

Being an Ashinaga student

As recipients of financial aid from Ashinaga in Japan, students receive a number of benefits, but must also uphold certain responsibilities.

  • All of our students must participate in at least one tsudoi, to get to know their fellow Ashinaga students and truly feel part of this community, with university students taking on a special role of acting as a leader to younger high-school students.
  • We also ask all of our students to take part in two fundraising drives (bokin) to help ensure that Ashinaga can continue helping other students like them for years to come.
  • Finally, we ask all Ashinaga students to fill out our annual household survey. This is vital for us to understand orphaned students’ situations across the country.

Advantages of becoming an Ashinaga student

  • Through our events and tsudoi, Ashinaga students are able to meet others who have gone through similar experiences, and build up a network of support to help overcome any challenges they face.

Learn more about tsudoi

  • Students in the Tokyo and Osaka metropolitan areas can apply to live in our Kokoro-Juku, a heavily subsidized dormitory that doubles as an educational facility. Residents receive support and advice from staff, free English lessons from international volunteers, and the chance to live in a diverse, warm community.

Learn more about the Kokoro-Juku

  • Ashinaga students also have the opportunity to apply for one of our overseas training programs, in which they can gain work experience and valuable opportunities at language schools in countries such as the Philippines, Turkey, Vietnam, Uganda, Senegal and Taiwan.

Learn more about the overseas training program


If you are interested in applying for financial aid from Ashinaga, all information can be found on our application page. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our financial aid programs.

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