Ashinaga in the UK

Ashinaga UK empowers young orphaned students with university education and leadership training so that they can identify problems and find solutions in their communities.

Our mission is to contribute to sub-Saharan Africa’s development by providing students who have lost one or both parents with the education, network, and opportunities necessary to become the next generation of compassionate leaders for Africa.

Journey of an Ashinaga UK Scholar

First Steps
Ashinaga UK Scholars are recruited across 48 sub-Saharan African countries. They receive academic and personal development training in Uganda and Senegal to prepare them for their studies abroad. Each Scholar has their own heartfelt goal to improve people’s lives in their communities.
Studying in the UK
Scholars leave their home countries and study at world-class universities in the UK. We cover the costs of tuition and all other necessary expenses, but the Scholars do the real work, developing academic, personal, and professional skills in an international environment.
Making a Difference
The Scholars create detailed plans to tackle the big problems they have identified in their home communities. They work on this plan throughout their studies, receiving feedback and support from Ashinaga staff and their peers. They conduct field research in African countries and work internships in their vacations to gain the skills and connections they need.
Returning Home
Scholars return home after their studies to begin their careers and realise their goals to help others. Our final goal is not the Scholars’ education, but that through education and training Scholars will be equipped to initiate change, innovation, and development in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our approach is to effect change through grass-roots development, empowering young people to identify issues, develop solutions, and have a positive impact in their communities. We believe that the best people to change communities are the people who live in those communities, once they have the tools and experience needed to make a difference. Read more about our strategy.

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Meet the Ashinaga UK Scholars

Sakiinah from Mauritius
“Becoming part of the Ashinaga family has been life-changing. Not only has Ashinaga enabled me to achieve my aspirations of studying medicine to help vulnerable people, but it has helped me to become a strong woman who is not afraid to chase her dreams to create a better world.”


Mokhele from Lesotho
“I gained leadership experience and a feeling of unity at the annual training events, in which we acted as ‘future leaders,’ discussing effective solutions that we could potentially implement to improve Africa.”


Josephine from Zambia
“My vision is to empower more people through education and entrepreneurship. Throughout my time in Ashinaga I have been surrounded by inspiring people who have shown me a world of possibilities.”


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