Namibia – Christoph


Christoph from Namibia

First Name: Christoph

Country: Namibia

University: University of Salford

Degree Course: BEng Civil Engineering

Graduated: 2020

Internship: Engineering Internship at Namhook Consulting, Windhoek, Namibia

Future Ambition: Christoph hopes to establish a project in Namibia advocating on behalf of children with disabilities. Having witnessed the discrimination and exclusion imposed on disabled children within his own community, Chris is highly motivated to fight for the right of disabled children to attend school and to propose design changes in school facilities that will make it easier for disabled children to access education. He plans to investigate the challenges faced by disabled children both at home and at school, and propose solutions to the problems, by working with community leaders, governmental departments and other relevant institutions. Christoph is confident that with the support of others, he will be able to combat discrimination.

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