Josephine from Zambia
“My vision is to empower more people through education and entrepreneurship. Throughout my time in Ashinaga I have been surrounded by inspiring people who have shown me a world of possibilities. Ashinaga has played a crucial role in helping me refine my goals and work towards achieving them.”


Play to Power-up Change-makers

Gaming connects people across the world: whether you are playing in Zambia, Nigeria, Lesotho or the UK, you are part of a global community. Gaming also enables us to do things we could never do in real life, transforming us into powerful heroes or managers of whole civilizations.

Community and empowerment are at the heart of our work providing education and training to orphaned students from sub-Saharan African countries, so that they will be equipped to initiate change, innovation, and development in their communities.


How to Start

Choose your Livestream
Speed-run, marathon, or challenge (completing a game or level with special limitations). Play in a squad of friends or go solo.
Create a Page on a Fundraising Platform
Tiltify is a fundraising platform built for streamers with unique features like stretch-goals, polls, and Twitch integration. You can also raise funds for us on JustGiving.
Pick a Fundraising Target
Think about how many people will watch your stream – live or afterwards – and will want to support your campaign. Aim high but be realistic!
Set a Date and Tell People About It
Promote your stream on social media and by talking to your friends.
Stream Your Gaming and Gather Sponsorship
Empower change-makers for their communities!


Get in touch with us at and we’ll discuss with you how we can best support your stream.


Gamers Who Have Raised Funds for Us

July 2020: The And1 Podcast, NBA 2K20

June 2020: AngelWingGaming, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Minecraft