Our Partners 

President Yoshiomi Tamai
“When people ask me about Ashinaga I tell them that we are not a normal charity, we are a movement. It is with an open heart that I invite you, the reader, to join this movement.”

President Yoshiomi Tamai

Our partners share our ethos of a warm heart, an open mind, a proactive attitude, and an international outlook, and our vision of eradicating poverty through equitable education and professional training for all young people who have lost their parents.


University Partners

We have built important partnerships with several UK universities, enabling us to empower Ashinaga Scholars with access to world-class education more cost-effectively. Our university partnerships go beyond fee arrangements, representing a commitment on both sides to work together to empower young leaders for Africa. 

University College London University of Bristol     University of Portsmouth Royal Holloway, University of London University of Central Lancashire
University of York University of Edinburgh
We are also grateful for the support of Kings College London, who hosted our tsudoi in 2018 and 2019.

Find out more about our university partnerships.


The HALI Access Network

We are a proud member of the HALI Access Network: an association of non-profit organizations in Africa that work with high-achieving, low-income (HALI) students to access international higher education opportunities. 

Partner Organizations

Ashinaga Foundation in Japan has a successful history of collaboration with both public and private partners. Their current corporate partners include:

Find out how your organization can become an Ashinaga UK partner.


Philanthropic Partners

Our philanthropic partners are major donors who share our values and passion for change.

We work closely with our philanthropic partners to understand their motivations and how they want to track the impact of their support. Email partnerships.uk@ashinaga.org to find out how you can join the Ashinaga movement and empower changemakers.