Our Values

Our Philosophy

The charitable support from the public enable us to provide educational support and emotional care to orphaned students*. We strive to spread this compassionate work all around the globe, and to create a world free from threats to human dignity.

*Defined by Ashinaga as students who have lost one or both parents, or who have at least one parent with a severe disability.

Our Mission

We provide comprehensive support and education to orphaned students so that may become compassionate citizens of the world who have the determination and ability to contribute to the betterment of humankind.

Our Vision

Ashinaga envisions a world in which:

  • All orphaned young people have equal access to education.
  • All orphaned young people are provided with emotional support.
  • Orphaned young people come together and support each other, forming a bond that extends across borders.

Our ethos

A warm heart, an open mind, a proactive attitude, and an international outlook.